Non-Medicated pain relief patch that helps with your back, neck, shoulder pains & sprains.

Menthopas is a non-medicated topical Patch is designed to target back and muscle pain, providing up to 8 hours of localized pain-relieving. The thin, self-adhesive patch provides effective pain relief and muscle relaxation in a non-medicated, tablet-free format.


Relieves you of any mild to moderate pain.

Used for relief of aches and pains associated with strains, sprains, arthritis, muscle fatigue, muscle pain, stiff shoulder, simple backache.

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Non Evaporating non_evaporating
Non-Staining no_staining

Relieves you of any mild to moderate pain.

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Easy to Use easy_to_Use
Easy to Carry easy_to_carry
Non Evaporating non_evaporating
Non-Staining no_staining

Methyl salicylate

Methyl salicylate acts as a Counter irritant that desensitizes the pain receptors. Menthopas contains 6.3% of Methyl salicylate and acts as a local vasodilator. It may work by analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects and by producing vasodilatory results, thereby increasing localized blood flow and tissue temperature.



Menthol works as a cooling agent. Menthopas contains 5.7% of Menthol and acts as local anesthetic, analgesic (weak kappa opioid receptor agonist), and counter-irritant. Menthopas excites and subsequently desensitizes the sensory neurons by acting on cold-sensitive TRPM8 receptors in the skin is responsible for cooling sensation.



Camphor plays the role of a soothing agent and rubefacient. Menthopas contains 1.2% of Camphor and acts as antipruritic, analgesic and Counter irritant (increases local blood flow). It activates and strongly desensitizes the TRPV1 receptors responsible for its analgesic action.


Tocopherol acetate

Tocopherol acetate is an organic compound that helps to increase the efficacy by aiding penetration of ingredients into the skin. Menthopas contains 2% of Tocopherol acetate IP and acts as an antioxidant.

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The thin, self-adhesive patch provides effective pain relief and muscle relaxation in a non-medicated, tablet-free format.


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I have used menthopas in severe back pain. It is really a good product. It is very good in management of local pain.

- Dr. Vaibhav Orthopedic Surgeon

I used menthopas in few patients and they all got symptomatic relief in acute pain with tender joints.

- Dr. Devendra Orthopedic Surgeon

1) 73 years old female with trauma to the shoulder and pain used menthopas for 5 days and the pain decreased by 50%.

2) 43 year old patient had sprain on her left wrist used menthopas and the pain decreased by 80%.

The swelling reduced after first dose and three doses later her pain came down drastically.

- Dr. Seema Gynecologist

Patient got very good relief after applying menthopas in low back pain and shoulder pain.

- Dr. K. Maya Gynecologist

Menthopas was very good in controlling pain and spasm.

- Dr. Kalpen Orthopedic Surgeon

Used menthopas in sprain and acute pain and the results were good.

- Dr. Muhammad Orthopedic Surgeon

Menthopas patch was very effective in relieving shoulder pain of my relative.

- Dr. Ashwini Gynecologist

My father used it for low back pain and it was very effective and have excellent result as it is non sedative, non irritating, non itchy and unlike tablets it’s non nephrotoxic.

- Dr. Parag Consulting Physician

Menthopas has better pharmacological profile and patients are getting pain relief compared to oral analgesics.

- Dr. Sagar Orthopedic Surgeon

I used menthopas in my patients with low back pain the results were good.

- Dr. Rakesh Orthopedic Surgeon

Menthopas was used by me on my patients having constant pain not relieved by pain killers. Menthopas had very good result in the above case.

- Dr. Geeta Gynecologist

I was having low back pain and calf pain on left leg for last 3 months. Menthopas helped a lot to reduce pain the above case.

- Dr. Alka Gynecologist

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered most of the commonly asked questions. We believe you’d get your queries resolved here.

Menthopas Pain Relieving Patches are thin, self-adhesive patch that provides effective pain relief and muscle relaxation in a non-medicated, tablet-free format. Menthopas contains menthol that reduces swelling, pain, and provides long-lasting relief. Ease to apply anytime, anywhere in the affected area.

Menthopas is made in India and made for Indians. Factors such as Indian temperature, humidity and skin conditions are taken into consideration. The adhesion of Menthopas patch is far superior to other patches.

Menthopas consists of counterirritants.
Menthol - It is a counter irritant and acts as a cooling agent.
Camphor - It acts as a soothening agent and rubefacient.
Tocopherol acetate - It is the carrier of the drugs.
Methyl salicylate - It is a counterirritant which desensitizes the pain receptors.

  • Methyl Salicylate IP…..6.3% (Gandhapura taila)
  • Camphor USP…………1.2% (Kapura)
  • L-Menthol IP/BP………5.7% (Pudinasatva)
  • Tocopherol Acetate IP….2.0%

Drug in adhesive technology

  • It consists of 3 layers:

Backing layer: It is the topmost layer and prevents the drug from coming out from the top.

Adhesive Layer: It holds and releases the drug. It consists of PSA because of which the patch can be adhered to the skin with slight finger pressure.

Release Liner: It is the transparent film which is to be removed prior to the application. It is a protective layer and protect the drug components from contamination due to environment.


Made in India. Made for Indians.

These patches are made in India and made specifically for Indians. There are companies who manufacture the patches from foreign countries but the tropical conditions of foreign countries and India is different. So the patches don’t adhere to the skin properly.

Our patches are designed specifically by taking care of the tropical conditions of India.

It lasts for 8 hours.

No. It is an OTC product and does not require a prescription. If you are allergic to any ingredient used, please consult your doctor.

You can buy offline at Chemist Stores, Online at Amazon, Azista Store

Price at offline stores: One pack containing 6 patches for Rs 98/-

Dosing frequency is less. One patch acts upto 8 hours whereas creams and gels need to be reapplied after every 3-4 hours. Washout of creams/gels is a concern. It is non-staining, non-evaporating, easy to carry, easy to use, less side effect, improves quality of life and no first pass metabolism.

The shelf-life of Menthopas patch is 2 years from the production date; expiration date is on package.

The Menthopas Patch temporarily relieves mild to moderate pain associated with:

  • Low back pain
  • Strains
  • Sprains
  • Neck & Shoulder pain

Directions for application:

  • Tear open the pack and remove Menthopas patch with dry hands.
  • Dry the application area completely. Pull the transparent release film away from the cloth to expose a small adhesive area in the middle.
  • Paste the exposed adhesive surface on the affected area. Pull the release film away to completely paste the patch. Gently press on the edges for proper pasting.
  • Remove: Irrigate Menthopas patch with plenty of water or saline and gently peel it off.

People who are suffering from aches and pains associated with: strains, sprains, arthritis, muscle fatigue, muscle pain, stiff shoulder, simple backache can use Menthopas topical patches to get relief from pain.

Menthopas patch, can be used for children 12 years old and over. Parents should speak with a pediatrician before applying Menthopas to a child.

For maximum effectiveness, you should wear the patch for 8 uninterrupted hours. Removing or moving the patch will decrease its effectiveness.

Please speak with your doctor before using Menthopas Patch if you are Pregnant or Breastfeeding.

Menthopas patch should not be applied to wounds and damaged skin.

Yes. Can be applied according to the affected area

Irrigate Menthopas patch with plenty of water or saline and gently peel it off.

It has a proven clinical effectiveness and safety profile. As it doesn’t contain any NSAID drug.

Yes, but a doctor should be consulted first and it is important to read both product labels carefully. The chance of a stomach bleed is small, but is higher if other drugs containing an NSAID are taken (aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, or others).

Menthopas topical patch comes with zip lock pack. Hence, the pack can be sealed again.

There are no side effects or possible risks in using Menthopas patches. Do not use if you are allergic to aspirin or salicylates.

Not advised to use for children below 12 years

Avoid using for Open Wounds/Injuries

Pregnant women are not advised to use Menthopas patches.

  • Avoid using it if you have an allergy to any of the ingredients used in this product. Ingredients Used are
    Methyl salicylate IP- 6.3%
    Camphor USP- 1.2%
    l-menthol- 5.7%
    Tocopherol acetate IP -2.0%
  • Also, avoid during Open wounds and Pregnancy.

  • Consult a doctor if on other medication
  • Do not use otherwise than as directed
  • Avoid contact with the eyes and mucous membranes

For external use only.

  • Do not use on wounds or damaged skin, if you are allergic to aspirin or salicylates.
  • Stop use and ask a doctor if conditions worsen, rash, itching, or excessive skin irritation occurs.
  • This product contains camphor and as such, can cause convulsion

Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes

No. The patch is not designed to be worn multiple times. Once the product has expired, please discard of it properly.

  • Not to be used on children under 12 years old.
  • Do not apply to skin abrasions.
  • Do not apply to irritated skin.
  • Hypersensitivity to the active substances or to any of the excipients.

If irritation develops, use of the product should be discontinued

Store in cool, dark and dry place below 30 degree celcius. Keep away from direct sunlight


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Quick-relief to aches and pains associated with: strains, sprains, arthritis, muscle pain, simple backache.


A medicated adhesive patch used to relieve minor to severe pain.


Free of any harmful chemicals, targeted manner to the pain-affected area, thereby not having the side effects.


Non-messy, non-greasy. Menthopas is a waterproof patch that can be applied anytime, anywhere.


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